Buy cheap ex-UK laptop in the best laptop shop in Nairobi

When we are talking about cheap used laptops, it does not mean that since it is cheap or used then it has to be low quality. We have ex-UK used cheap laptop that is best grade and quality. This laptop is capable of doing normal computer work, ie office work can be used for learning, entertainment, gaming, video editing, architecture can support point of sale software and much other works that a new computer can do. we have cheap laptop ranging from as low as ksh 15000

We also have CPU ranging from Ksh 4500 TFT prices ranging from ksh 3500. All r well tested and ready to use. Deprime solutions ltd.We r located at Rahimtulla trust building 2nd-floor shop 27…along Moi avenue opposite the bazaar. We do free delivery within the Nairobi CBD to our clients. we also organize the way our customers will get our products outside Nairobi CBD. Try us for quality products and good services.

call/WhatsApp/SMS  0700474550

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