Where to buy new and Ex-Uk TFT monitor at an affordable price in Nairobi, Kenya

Deprime solutions in Nairobi Kenya  is the only shop where you find all size of TFT monitor form all brand .ie new hp TFT and dell TFT monitor,

We also have very clean ex-UK TFT monitor from 17 inches, 19inchs,20inch,22inch,23inch and 24inchs .we have Hp, Dell, and Samsung brands.

Our new monitor comes with a one year warrant while Ex-Uk Hp and Dell monitors come with three months warrant

You can also visit us at our shop. Deprime solutions ltd.We are located at Rahimtulla trust building 2nd-floor shop 27…along Moi avenue opposite the bazaar. We do free delivery within the Nairobi CBD to our clients. we also organize the way our customers will get our products outside Nairobi CBD. Try us for quality products and good services.

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