Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs Services: Reviving Your Faulty Device Laptop repairs is the intricate process of bringing a faulty, dead, broken, or spoiled laptop back to life. At Deprime Solutions, we start with a thorough diagnostic and troubleshooting session to accurately assess the issues your device is facing. Once we identify the problems, we proceed with replacing…

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65W Type-C Charger Adapter For HP

New Replacement HP  65W Type-C Charger USB-C Type C 65W Power Adapter in Nairobi, Kenya If you’re in Nairobi and looking for a reliable replacement for your HP 65W Type-C Charger laptop’s power adapter, the new HP USB-C Type C square Power Adapter 65W is an excellent choice. This adapter is designed to deliver efficient…

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UPS Power Backup-Uninterrupted

Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

Uninterrupted power supplies UPS What is Uninterrupted power supplies UPS?. What is the work of UPS? How does UPS help?.  Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)is a device that allows a computer to keep running for at least a short time when incoming power is interrupted. UPS backups protect computers, Laptops, and Printers and prevent loss of…

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Replacement and Original Asus Ac Adapter-Charger-in-Nairobi

Asus AC adapter chargers

New Genuine Compatible Asus AC Adapter Charger Replacement in Nairobi CBD, Kenya If your ASUS notebook, ZenBook, gaming laptop, or VivoBook needs a new Asus AC adapter chargers, Deprime Solutions in Nairobi CBD is the place to go. We specialize in providing high-quality, genuine compatible Asus AC adapter chargers to ensure your laptop remains powered…

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Asus CPU Cooler Fan

Asus CPU Cooler Fan Replacement in Nairobi CBD, Kenya Deprime Solutions Is your Asus CPU Cooler Fan for ZenBook, notebook laptop, or Rog star laptop experiencing silence and lack of airflow? It could be a sign of a broken CPU cooler fan. At Deprime Solutions in Nairobi CBD, we specialize in replacing faulty CPU cooler…

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Asus laptop Repair-Asus Laptop Screen fixing and repair in Nairobi

Asus Laptop Screen repair

Reliable and Affordable Asus Laptop Screen repair-Asus Notebook Laptop Screen Replacement in Nairobi CBD, Kenya Is your Asus notebook laptop display malfunctioning or showing unnecessary lines? Deprime Solutions in Nairobi CBD is your go-to expert for Asus Laptop Screen repair on Asus Notebook, Vivobook, ZenBook, and Gaming ROG STRIX laptops. Cost-Effective Solutions Don’t let the…

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Asus laptop Repair-Asus Laptop Screen fixing and repair in Nairobi

Asus Laptop Repair

Expert Asus Laptop Repair and Spare Parts Replacement in Nairobi CBD, Kenya If you’re facing issues with your ASUS laptop, whether it’s a broken screen on your Asus Zenbook or any other problem, Deprime Solutions in Nairobi CBD is here to assist you. We specialize in Asus laptop repair and spare parts replacement, ensuring that…

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Laptop SSD replacement (Solid State Drive)

Where Buy -sell laptop SSD Solid State Drive for Laptop Notebooks and Apple MacBook in Nairobi Laptop SSD replacement-Looking to boost your laptop or MacBook’s performance with an SSD upgrade? Look no further than Deprime Solutions in Nairobi CBD. Our qualified technicians specialize in installing, fixing, and upgrading SSDs for a wide range of laptop…

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Laptop keyboard replacement-in-Nairobi-DSL-Kenya

Laptop keyboard replacement

Laptop keyboard replacement New Backlight and Non-Backlight HP Laptop Keyboard Repair in Nairobi CBD Kenya From KES. 1500 Laptop keyboard replacement-If your HP laptop keyboard is malfunctioning, Deprime Solutions in Nairobi offers expert repair and replacement services at competitive prices. Whether you’re experiencing issues with specific keys or the entire keyboard, we have the solution…

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