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Broken screen,Cracked screen,replacement and repair in Nairobi Kenya

Broken screen,Cracked screen,replacement and repair in Nairobi Kenya

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Hello, do you have a problem with your hp laptop, dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, advent, TFT monitor, tv, tablet or phone screen? Deprime solutions ltd is here to ready to sort your problems.

>how do you know if your gadget has a screen problem?

The work of a screen is to give information by displaying, so if a user is not able to see anything on the screen, then there is a problem with the screen. Most screen problems are physical. Screen problems mainly can be caused by

>power faulty

>pouring of a conductive liquid like water, beverages to the gadget

>excessive pressure to the screen

>falling of the gadget from a high point

The problem associated with power is very rare. All screens have a power motherboard that has chipsets, diode, ic, resisters, and fuse. Meaning that when there is power fluctuation there is a possibility of the component being damaged. The components can be physically damaged or not. when the screen has a power-related problem it can display but won’t have back-lit hence no clear display, the other thing the screen will have back-lit and no any data displayed. This problem can only be sorted by either repairing the screen motherboard or replacing the whole screen. It’s only at Deprime solutions where we can identify the power-related problems and give the appropriate solution

Pouring of conductive liquid like water and beverages to your gadget can cause power fairer. This is a common problem. Most problem resulting from conductive liquids are resolved by screen replacement

Excessive pressure on the screen happens when you place a gadget squeezed, like when one is traveling, and place a laptop or a tablet in a squeezed bag. This causes pressure marks on the screen. The only way to repair this is to replace the whole screen.

Falling off a gadget i.e. laptop, TV, TFT monitors, and tablet is the common cause of screen problems to many users. This problem is 95% physical, broken screen, vertical or horizontal line on the screen, blinking of the screen. The solution of this is replacing the screen

Deprime solutions offer the best services in screen repair replacement in Nairobi Kenya. Buy a screen in our online shop and we fix it for you for free https://deprimesolutions.co.ke/

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