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laptop and computer diagnostics/repair in Nairobi Kenya

laptop and computer diagnostics/repair in Nairobi Kenya

Computer, laptop and accessories repair

In this topic you will learn;

>know what is computer and laptop repair

>diagnose computer and laptop problems

>identify the faulty part of his or her computer or laptop

>sorting the diagnosed and identified problem


What are a computer, laptop, and accessories repair?

Computer repair is a process where you diagnose, identify a problem in your computer and sort it. Mostly to repair a computer or a laptop requires an experience or guidance. Deprime solutions ltd is the only computer garage in Nairobi Kenya where all kind of computer repair is done perfectly ie motherboard repair, keyboard replacement, battery replacement, screen replacement, HDD and ram upgrading etc, Drop by our workshop and get a pocket-friendly price. Computer repair is categorized into two main groups

>hardware oriented problems

>software oriented problems


This is problems associated with physical components of a computer ranging from power supply units, charging system, system logic units, system malfunctioning, damages caused by physical impact eg broken screen, stuck keyboard, broken casing and hinges, faulty power adapters, broken USB port, computer not displaying, hard disk not detected


These are problems associated wish software part of the computer, ie accidental data loss, windows blue screen, windows freezing, loss of bios and windows pass

What is computer diagnostic?

Computer diagnostic is when you analyze your computer and identify the problem. Diagnosing a computer problem can be easier or difficult depending on experience. If it is a physical damage that will probably be easy.eg when a laptop screen is broken, or the laptop casing is broken. Normally it’s not easy to diagnose the computer correctly. It’s advisable to start with the easier way to troubleshoot the problem of your computer. For example, your computer may be slow when working and you want to know the exact problem. Likely one of the four results might be the exact problem, it might be that the computer or the laptop rams are low in capacity or not working perfect, the computer is infected with viruses, the hard disk is too loaded on the system drive, the computer is overheating.so there is a possibility of misdiagnosis if one is not keen, the problem can be hardware oriented or software oriented

Identify the faulty part of his or her computer or laptop

this is where you diagnose your computer and find where the problem is.in our case where the laptop is slow and find that the ram capacity is less, it will require upgrading the capacity of the ram for you to enjoy a preferred speed on your laptop, if you find that your computer is infected with virus and the solution is to have an antivirus installed

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