Laptop Casing repair and replacement in Nairobi

Is your laptop housing/casing broken or has scratch that
make you not to love it like before? Deprime solutions has a lasting solution
for you,

We have new laptop casing/housing that are compatible with
your laptop model, we hp 15 Notebook casing, dell 15 notebook casing, Lenovo ideapad
casings, Toshiba satellite casings, Samsung np300,270 casing at an affordable

We also have an expert technician for does instant fixing as
you wait, For the scratched casings we Do have the various stickers that looks great
for your laptop,

We also do hinges repair, motherboard repair, screen replacement,
battery and keyboard replacement, overheating and General laptop repair

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Deprime solutions ltd.

Located at Rahimullah Trust Building 2nd floor shop 27 on
the right wing, along Moi avenue opposite the Bazaar



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  1. How much for HP 650

    1. complete hp 650 casing@6000
      inclusive of fixing

  2. I need casing for HP Pavilion Entertainment DV2 sent quotation to

  3. How much for HP Intel Core i3 – 15.9 inches for the following services
    1. Casing Replacement
    2. Screen Replacement
    3. Hinge replacement/repairs (OR is this part of screen replacement? I mean does a new screen come with new hinges?)
    4. Fan replacement.
    I literally would like to have the machine refurbished, and would like to know if the price is worth it

    1. kindly visit our workshop for the best quotation

  4. How much for Lenovo b40-80?

    1. What exactly do you need for that model?

  5. How much would it cost to repair a detached laptop bezel, when i open the laptop, the bezels split apart and theres a gap, the adhesive wore out

    Hp 15 notebook pc

    1. 1500

  6. intel(r) celeron(r) cpu n3060 1.6ghz
    Do you have cover case please

    1. hello yes we have .visit us for more assistance and fixing

  7. outer casing toshiba tecra l2-s022

  8. Hi I have Dell Vostro 2521 and would like to know how much it would cost me to replace the casing and screen. HTnaks

  9. I need casing for lenovo ideapad 310-151kb

    1. sorry we b having this casing in 2weeks time
      currently out of stock

  10. How much for HP EliteBook 8460p hinge repair and DDR4 4GB RAM

    1. hello 8460p hinges@2000 both
      Ddr4 4gb@4000

  11. Acer Aspire V5-121 complete casing with hinges, how much will this cost? What I mean is the complete outer casing of the 11.6 notebook. The hinges connecting the body and the screen are completely broken, thus, making the laptop screen unable to hold itself upright.

    1. hello hope this finds you well, sorry currently out of stock

  12. Hp Compaq HSTNN-C17C housing case. Iko? At how much?

    1. sorry this casing out of stock

  13. I’m looking to replace the casing to one Asus x553m.
    How much does it cost to buy and have it fixed.
    Just in case it’s out of stock, how soon can it be available.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. hello which part do you need?

  14. I need hp 650 casing .How much?

    1. hello Abel
      yes we have@7000 complete

  15. How much for HP pavilion housing?

  16. Hi my hp 17 has a broken body case and I think the charging system os spoilt how much will it cost for me to repaor it?

    1. hello which is ur hp model number send photos on 0728257526

  17. Hello. Need a NEW casing for Dell Latitude E7250
    Is it available and at what cost fixing inclusive

  18. I need top casing(the one for screen) for samsung 270E.
    How much plus replacing.

  19. Do you have complete casing of Samsung NP270e5v? How much?

  20. How much does HP 15 NOTEBOOK PC complete casing cost.???? the casing alone excluding the fixing price

    1. hello,yes we hve
      send the exact model number

  21. Hi. i have a Hp pavillion 15. I am looking for full body case and a screen. How much will it cost me?

    1. which is ur laptop model number?

      1. Hp pavilion notebook – 15 – p229tx

        1. Kindly inform if its not available.

          1. hello wat services are you looking?

  22. hello… in need of casing for my hp 840 G 1 kindly quote the price on

    1. the casing is available at @65000 complete

  23. Hello, i need Compaq 610 casing. How much?

    1. the casing is availble in our shop kindly vist us

  24. Hello, I’m looking for a bottom case for the HP Pavilion Dv6-300 series. Could it be available?

    1. available, visit our shop

  25. HOW much for intel 15 battery replacement?

    1. happy new year, sorry for taking long, kindly share the model number of the laptop
      contact 0700474550 for faster communication

  26. Can I get hp 2000 case?

    1. hello sorry for taking long, yes we have the casing
      complete going for Ksh 6000
      part A and B going for 3000, fixing cost not included

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