it’s only in Deprime solutions where you will get hp laptop screen replacement fixed within few minutes and affodable price,

We have hp 15.6 inch screen, Hp 17.3 inch screen, Hp 15.4 inch, Hp 14.0 inches screen, Hp 13.3 inch screen, Hp 12.5 inch screen, Hp 11.6 inches slim screen, Hp 10.1 inch screen

we do free fixing and installation,we have Hp 15 screen,Hp envy screen,hp ProBook screen,hp spectre screen,hp 14 notebook,hp pavilion screen,hp Elitebook screen,hp folio 9470m screen,hp 840 screen and many more,

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  1. How much does it cost to fix a broken screen that is causing the black lines? For an HP elitebook 745?

    1. Sorry for taking long to reply?this screeen is ksh 5000

  2. Do you screen for HP folio 9470 screen replacement and what is the cost

    1. Hp Folio 9470m screen will cost you Ksh 5500 in Deprime solutions

  3. How screen replacement for 14-CF0006DX-1366×768-Display/dp/B07VNPD617

  4. How much is Hp Spectre X360 screen replacement?

  5. I wld like to knw if u buy broken laptops

  6. How much is an hp elitebook 9470m screen

    1. 6500 this price is inclusive of fixing

  7. how much for a hp elitebook 840 screen

    1. Hello this screen will cost you 5000 inclusive of fixing

  8. Hi do you have an outlet in Meru? Thanks.

    1. hello , sorry we don’t
      have for now but planning to open one after coviD-19

  9. How much does it cost to replace the 15.6” screen of HP envy?

    1. 6500

  10. How much is hp elitebook revolve 810 screen. Mine got broken and needs replacement

    1. hello this screen is 9500 inclusive of fixing welcome to ourwork place and get your laptop fix

  11. When you buy a screen do you pay again for fixing

  12. how does it cost to replace hp touch screen?

    1. Hello richard.which is ur laptop model number

  13. how much will it cost to replace screen for hp probook 430 13.3 touch screen or the other normal one?

    1. this screen will cost you 5000

  14. Hp pre-book screen replacement… The price

    1. hello which is ur laptop model number

  15. HP pavillion entertainment broken lcd screen how much to repair?

    1. which is the model number

    2. which is the model number

  16. How much is the screen replacement for hp folio 9480m

    1. hp 9480m screen will cost you 5500

  17. Hello how much for replacing screen for hp laptop

    1. hello martin which is ur laptop model number?

  18. How much will it cost me to replace a HP Pavilion screen

  19. My hp sleekbook touchscreen 14 screen is displaying white only and keeps turning itself off and on. how much will the repair cost

  20. How much does it cost to fix a hp folio 9470m screen an how long does it take to get it done?

  21. How much does hp 250 G6 screen cost?

    1. this screen will cost you 5500

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