Laptop,MacBook,Servers and desktop rams/memory call 0700474550

Is your laptop, MacBook, desktop CPU, server slow and you need improvement in Deprime solutions, we have rams from,1gb pc2-5300 for MacBook,ddr2 pc2-6400,2gb pc2-6400 for both laptop, servers, and  desktop for all models from Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo

We also have new and ex-Uk rams for ddr3 with speeds…Pc3-10600, pc3-12800s, and pc3l-12800s for MacBook, laptops, desktop, and servers

Pc4 rams are also in stock in our shops. You can visit us in our shop or call for delivery

You can visit us in our workplace at Rahimtulla trust building, 2nd-floor shop 27 along Moi Avenue opposite the bazaar

Call/sms/whatapp 0700474550

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