Laptop screen in Nairobi Kenya

Laptop screen in Nairobi Kenya Is your laptop screen broken, deem, flicking, or no display at all. Worry no more coz Deprime solutions solve your problems as you wait.  Laptop screen replacement and repair takes less than twenty minutes to fix. We offer the best computer services countrywide. you can visit us in our workplace at Rahimtulla trust building, 2nd-floor [...]

Sell your used,dead,broken,faulty,spoilt laptop,computers and monitors

We buy broken laptops Do you have used, broken laptop and computers?  Deprime solutions ltd we buy used, faulty, broken, spoilt laptops. >Laptop with broken screens >Laptop with faulty hard disk, faulty memory, faulty motherboard  >Tft monitors with broken screens  >laptop with spoilt battery > Laptop with faulty keyboard  >Spoilt CPU. Contacts us as

buy laptop and desktop hard disk and SSD in Nairobi Kenya

Data storage and back up   Having copies of your data saved in a different location or device keeps it safe in case anything goes wrong with your computer, laptop or mobile device. Deprime solutions ltd offers best solutions for that and how to. Causes of Data Loss   Computer Crash A computer crash occurs when a computer stops working [...]
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