High quality laptop battery replacement in Nairobi Kenya

high quality laptop battery replacement in Nairobi Kenya What is a laptop battery? Why do you need a laptop battery? Laptop battery is a hardware that stores power that can be used by a laptop without connecting to the power adapter. The power in the laptop battery can hold the laptop on for hours depending on the capacity of cells [...]

HP compacq 620 replacement keyboard, Hp 625 replacement keyboard in Nairobi

Do you have a problem with your HP 620 keyboard replacement in Nairobi, HP 621 keyboard in Nairobi_Compaq 620_621_625_CQ620_CQ621_CQ625 laptop keyboard? am sure Deprime solutions ltd is readily waiting for you to solve the problems.we can service the keyboard/keypad or replace the whole keyboard.with the missing keys, we can fix it at a lower cost.call us 0700474550 or visit us [...]

Laptop Batteries, Laptop Chargers & AC Adapters in Nairobi Kenya 0700474550

Buy Laptop Batteries, Laptop Chargers & AC Adapters Online with Deprime solutions limited Deprime solutions we are currently the largest online shop that stocks more than 1200 different models of laptop batteries, we have both original and generic/replacement batteries. Original batteries costs from ksh 6000 and comes with 1year warranty while generic/replacement batteries cost from ksh 2500 and comes with [...]

Laptop keyboard replacement and repair in Nairobi Kenya 0700474550

genuine Laptop keyboard replacement and repair Nairobi Kenya Why do you have to repair and replace your laptop keyboard? >keyboard keys being sticky thus does not respond by pressing >Normally this is caused by liquids poured on the laptop and the keyboard spoils >laptop missing keys >keyboard/keypads language not understandable This happens when a certain laptop model is sold in [...]

laptop screen replacement and repair in Nairobi Kenya

15.6-inch Laptop Screens replacement and repair in Nairobi Kenya Most laptop uses 15.6-inch screen from different brand like Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Mecer, the 15.6-inch screen comes with different connectors depending on the generation of the laptop. the older generations of the laptops uses 15.6 inch 40 pins connector, examples of this models of the laptops are,hp Compaq cq56,Replacement [...]

Refurbished,Ex-UK and new laptops,Computers and printers shop in Nairobi Kenya

Refurbished, Ex-UK and new laptops, Computers, and printers shop in Nairobi Kenya At Deprime solutions ltd, we are stocked with new,ex-UK and second-hand laptops and desktops.we have all kind of brands that includes Hp, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus and others.all new laptops comes with 1-year warranty. our ex-UK laptops are dent free, no scratch, very clean and comes [...]

Sell your used,dead,broken,faulty,spoilt laptop,computers and monitors

We buy broken laptops Do you have used, broken laptop and computers?  Deprime solutions ltd we buy used, faulty, broken, spoilt laptops. >Laptop with broken screens >Laptop with faulty hard disk, faulty memory, faulty motherboard  >Tft monitors with broken screens  >laptop with spoilt battery > Laptop with faulty keyboard  >Spoilt CPU. Contacts us as

buy laptop and desktop hard disk and SSD in Nairobi Kenya

Data storage and back up   Having copies of your data saved in a different location or device keeps it safe in case anything goes wrong with your computer, laptop or mobile device. Deprime solutions ltd offers best solutions for that and how to. Causes of Data Loss   Computer Crash A computer crash occurs when a computer stops working [...]

Broken screen,Cracked screen,replacement and repair in Nairobi Kenya

0728257526,hp Laptop screen repair and replacement(broken screen_cracked screen_nairobi_kenya) Hello, do you have a problem with your hp laptop, dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, advent, TFT monitor, tv, tablet or phone screen? Deprime solutions ltd is here to ready to sort your problems. >how do you know if your gadget has a screen problem? The work of a screen is to [...]
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