YB06XL-genuine Battery for HP ...


  • Condition: Brand new
  • Battery cell:6-cell
  • Capacity:84.08WH
  • Voltage:11.55V
  • Compatible with: Part Number: 926372-855, 926427-271, 928372-855, 928372-856, 928427-271, 928427-272, HSTNN-DB8H, HSTNN-DB8V, TPN-Q200, YB06084XL, YB06XL
  • Models: Spectre x360 15 2018, Spectre X360 15-CH 2018, Spectre x360 15-ch000, Spectre X360 15-CH000NA, Spectre X360 15-CH000NB, Spectre X360 15-CH000ND, Spectre X360 15-CH000NF, Spectre x360 15-CH000TX, Spectre X360 15-CH001NC, Spectre x360 15T-CH000
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New Genuine Battery for HP Spectre X360 15-CH HSTNN-DB8H, HSTNN-DB8V, TPN-Q200, YB06084XL, YB06XL 928427-271, 928427-272




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