HP Pavilion g4 laptop battery ...


  • Quality and Genuine HP laptop replacement battery in Nairobi CBD
  • Capacity 4400 mAh capacity,
  • 6 cells,
  • Voltage: 11.1v & Wattage:44wh
  • Compatible with:Pavilion g4 laptop battery in Nairobi,Pavilion g4-1000 laptop battery in Nairobi,Pavilion g4-1010us,Pavilion g4-1011nr laptop battery in Nairobi,Pavilion g4-1012tx,Pavilion g4-1013tx,Pavilion g4-1014tx,Pavilion g4-1015dx,Pavilion g4-1015tx,Pavilion g4-1016tx,Pavilion g4-1017tu,Pavilion g4-1017tx,Pavilion g4-1018tu,Pavilion g4-1019TU,Pavilion g4-1020TU,Pavilion g4-1020us,Pavilion g4-1021TU,Pavilion g4-1021tx,Pavilion g4-1022TU,Pavilion g4-1022tx,Pavilion g4-1023TU,Pavilion g4-1026TX,Pavilion g4-1027TX,Pavilion g4-1038tx,Pavilion g4-1039tx,Pavilion g4-1047tx,Pavilion g4-1048tx,Pavilion g4-1049t,Pavilion g4-1050tx,Pavilion g4-1051xx,Pavilion g4-1052TX,Pavilion g4-1053TX,Pavilion g4t-1000 CTO
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