Replacement Ac charger Adapter...


  • Part Number: 671296-001
  • P/N: 741727-001
  • Model: PA-1650-32
  • Type: AC Adapter
  • Max Output: 65W
  • Output: 19.5V–3.33A
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List of compatible models includes: 100-200es DT PC SP, 100-202eo DT PC NRL, 100-210el DT PC ITL, 100-222eb DT PC EUROA4, 100-303nb DT PC EUROA4, 100-310fb DT PC BULG, 100-315nf DT PC FR, 100-320nu DT PC ADR, 100-502no DT PC NRL, DESKTOP 110-119, Pav TS 20-f300a AiO CNCL AUST, Pavilion 20-b318l AiO PC THAI, PAVILION 500-A60, PAVILION ALL-IN-ONE 20-B309, PAVILION ALL-IN-ONE 20-B314, PAVILION TOUCHSMART 20-F323W, PAVILION TOUCHSMART CTO 20-F430Z REFURB, Pavilion TS 20-f214d AiO PC PHILI, Pavilion TS 20-f250jp AiO PC JPN2, Pavilion TS 20-f315d AiO PC THAI, Presario All-in-One CQ1-3124LA Desktop PC

  • P/N: 741727-001


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