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Laptop Computer Repair in Nairobi

Laptop Computer Repair in Nairobi

Laptop CPU Cooler Fan replacement and repair in Nairobi

Laptop Overheating fixing, laptop CPU Cooling fan malfunctioning causing Sudden Shutdown. We Here to sort your problems as you wait

Laptop Casing Housing Body Cell repair and replacement in Nairobi

Laptop Body Cover Top, Base, Bottom Panel Damage Fix, LCD Panel Broken, Broken Laptop Casing replacement

Laptop_Desktop RAM upgrading for speed increase

Is your Laptop or Desktop slow, Hanging, Taking long to open, Deprime Solutions we have a remedy for this, We do Laptop speed increase by upgrading the RAM and the storage capacity Visit us, Very slow laptop, Increase 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB Ram

Repair your Broken Laptop Hinges in nairobi

Deprime solution we are currently the best repair shop that gives perfect Laptop hinges and casing repair and replacement in Nairobi, We have a 60 days guarantee to our repairs gadget, Cannot open laptop, Hinges broken, Loose hinges

Replace Your Faulty Broken Cracked Laptop Screen in Nairobi

We do Laptop screen repair and replacement in Nairobi, Faulty laptop screen replacement, Broken Laptop screen replacement and repair, cracked laptop screen replacement, Blank screen display laptop repair, Fix Laptop No Display, Blank Screen, Display Cable Fix, Screen is black, Display is not working laptop Display Damage,Broken,Flickers,Dull,Touch Screen issue

Buy and replace Faulty Laptop Battery in Nairobi

Has your Laptop developed a problem of battery draining faster than usual? Very little power backup time as you need it, We Have all laptop Battery for most Branded Laptop, Internal Battery and External battery, Our products Comes with 6 months warranty

Buy and replace Your Faulty misplaced Laptop Ac Charger Adapter in Nairobi

Do you plug in your laptop Charger and it Does not charge any more , buy and replace your faulty AC Adapter charger . We have all laptop charger for most of models, plug in not charging error caused by low current power output can be repair at our workshop

Buy and Replace your Faulty Laptop Keys, Keypad Keyboard in Nairobi kenya

Faulty sticky keys Laptop keyboard replacement, liquid spilled on keyboard .we Do laptop keyboard and key, Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Internal backlit keypad keys fix, Slow to Respond, keys as they are worn, keys labels deleted

Laptop Motherboard repair and replacement in Nairobi

We do laptop Desktop Motherboard repair FiXing in Nairobi, dead laptop, Laptop not responding, repair Laptop motherboard Display, laptop Motherboard Charging system, laptop Motherboard USB ports replacement, and laptop Laptop motherboard audio Jack repair replacement, Laptop Motherboard not powering, Motherboard BIOS reprogramming. We have qualified technicians capable of sorting all laptop motherboard problems

Replace Your Laptop Charging port DC connector in Nairobi

We fix Damaged laptop power Jack, DC Jack issues, plug in Charging problems

Upgrade, Replace faulty HDD_SSD Hard disk in Nairobi

Hard Drive not detected, Laptop Slow in booting, Laptop Hard Disk Drive Failed? SSD / HDD Not Working.

laptop Not Powering, Laptop not Charging, Plugin not Charging repair in Nairobi CBD

Laptop and Desktop Software Errors, frequent windows OS crash, Laptop Not starting problems, Slow laptop and freezing repair

laptop freeze ,hang or crash frequently, computer has a virus fix, Corrupt software and files fix, WIFI frequent disconnection, Laptop Cannot connect to internet

Laptop Mouse hanging and faulty Mouse Touchpad repair and replacement in Nairobi Kenya

Mouse Flicker, Touch pad not working fix, Laptop Touchpad not working, can’t move your mouse cursor

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