HP VI04 Notebook Battery TPN-Q...

>quality hp replacement battery

>compatible with this models:
HP ENVY 14-K010US, ENVY 14T-U000, ENVY 14T-U100, ENVY 14-U000,
ENVY 14-V000 – V099, ENVY 15-K000 – K099, ENVY 15-K100, ENVY 15-K200, ENVY 15T-K000,
ENVY 15T-K100, ENVY 15T-V000, ENVY 15-X000 – X099, ENVY 17-K000 , Pavilion 14T-V000,
Pavilion 14-V100, Pavilion 14-V200, Pavilion 14-V249TX, Pavilion 14Z-V000, Pavilion 15-K227CL,
Pavilion 15-P000, Pavilion 15-P000 – P099, Pavilion 15-P100 – 199, Pavilion P15-P2XX, Pavilion 15T-P000,
Pavilion 15-X000 – X099, Pavilion 15Z-P000, Pavilion 15Z-P100, Pavilion 15Z-P200, Pavilion 17-F,
Pavilion 17-F000, Pavilion 17-F100, Pavilion 17-F200, Pavilion 17-F290NB, Pavilion 17T-F000,
Pavilion 17-X000 – X099, Pavilion 17Z-F000, Pavilion 17Z-F100, Pavilion 17Z-F200, BEATS 15-P000, SPECIAL EDITION 15Z-P000


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Condition:  Brand NEW

· Battery Type: Li-ion

· Color: Black

· Voltage: 14.8V

· Capacity: 2600mAh

· Note: 11.1V is compatible with 10.8V, 14.4V is compatible with 14.8V


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