HP Mini 210-2000 replacement b...

>HP MINI 110-3626TU, HP MINI210-2000, HP Mini 210-2000, HP Mini 210-2001sa, 210-2001sl, 210-2001xx, 210-2002sa, 210-2002sl, 210-2003sa, 210-2003sl, 210-2004sa, 210-2006sl, 210-2012tu, 210-2030sw, 210-2050nr, 210-2051ss, 210-2052ss,

>HP Mini 210-2080, Part Numbers: HSTNN-CB1Y, HSTNN-UB1X, HSTNN-

>6 Cell 4400mAh Battery

>6 months warranty


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HP ED03 and ED06 Battery Mini 210-2000 210-2100 210-2200 Series


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