Laptop Screen-Battery-charger-keyboard-casing replacement and repair In Nairobi Kenya 0700474550

Laptop Screen-Battery-charger-keyboard-casing replacement and repair In Nairobi Kenya 0700474550

Computer Accessories in Nairobi Kenya

Quality and price are mostly the considered factor while
buying any computer accessories in Kenya and lest of the world by most users,1st
group consider quality due to durability, perfection and output of any product
while the other group consider the price of the product depending on their
budgets i.e.

Laptop screen replacement and repair in Nairobi

Laptop screen are not all the same, we have laptop screen varying
in size(inches), Touch screens and resolution depending on the laptop model.
There is laptop screen size from 10.1-inch screen,11.6-inch screen ,12.5-inch
screen,13.3-inch screen,14.0-inch screen,15.4-inch screen ,15.6-inch screen and
17.3-inch laptop screens. All the laptop screen size have different resolutions
depending on the laptop model, All brand laptops have different screen size and
resolutions, there are hp laptop screen, Lenovo laptop screen, ASUS laptop screen,
Dell laptop screen, Toshiba laptop Screen, Acer laptop screen and Samsung
laptops screens with different size and resolutions, Touch screens are  normally in modern model like, Hp x360 touch screen,
Lenovo yoga touch screen, Dell Xps touch screen and many more. All this laptop
screen has different prices

Laptop battery replacement and repair In Nairobi

Any laptop battery is considered faulty if it does not hold
power as per the time required by the user. Once a new  replacement battery is installed in the laptop,
it’s advisable to drain the battery to 0% and then recharge to 100%,if it
charges to full capacity then the user can test the duration the battery hold
the power wen the laptop is in it hold as per the user satisfaction then
the battery is perfect, we have different laptop battery, capacity and quality
depending on the model of a laptop and manufacture, we have External laptop
battery and internal laptop battery for all branded laptop model :i.e. hp
laptop battery, Lenovo laptop battery, Asus Laptop battery, Dell laptop Battery,
Toshiba Laptop battery Acer laptop Battery and Samsung Laptop Battery

Laptop power adapter and charger in Nairobi Kenya

Laptop chargers is a device that gives power to a laptop
direct or puts power in the battery, sometimes users confuse the power adapter/charger
with a battery, chargers vary with power ratings, output and wattages’
depending on the device equipment. there is Hp laptop charger, Lenovo laptop charger,
Asus laptop charger, Dell laptop charger, Toshiba laptop charger, Acer laptop charger,
Samsung laptop charger and MacBook pro charger-adapters with different power
laiting and wattage

Laptop keyboard replacement in Nairobi Kenya

Mostly Laptop keyboard is considered faulty once some keys
on the keypad are not working, sticky keys, language and top case of the keypad
are missing.65% of laptop keyboard are damaged by pouring liquids on them.
Faulty laptop keyboard is rarely repairable. While buying a laptop replacement
keyboard it’s advisable to find the compatible one with your laptop. Mostly Hp
laptop keyboard are compatible and other models the same, Test the replacement laptop
keyboard from the dealer before buying

Laptop casing and hinges in Nairobi Kenya

Laptop casing is the true laptop to many users, clean ,no scratch,
colored and perfect casing will mean a lot to any laptop user, broken laptop
housing and casing, broken laptop hinges ,scratched covers portrays a junks
laptop to any user, Laptop dents, breakage and scratches are cause by accident
or poor laptop handling, Currently in technicians workshops ,there are new laptop
housing and hinges  making it easy to
renew your laptop, laptop casings are available for all laptop model and brand

In Deprime solutions we offer quality laptop accessories and
product, repair and maintainers for all laptop models and brand

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