Laptop and Desktop HDD in Deprime solutions Nairobi

Laptop and Desktop HDD in Deprime solutions Nairobi

Internal and external HDD

Are you in need to upgrade the size of your data storage capacity or a victim of hand disk crush? You may be required to replace the internal hard disk if your only drive is full of data or it crashes. Sometimes computers develop weird behaviors on a full or crushed harddisk, many of computers become slow and even not booting the operating system

Deprime solutions ltd is waiting to solve your problems by free diagnostic and consultation, we also sell laptop internal HDD, desktop internal HDD, server HDD and external HDD. we have all capacities of HDD from 80gb,120gb,160gb,250gb,320gb,500gb,1tb internal for the laptop at a affordable prices

We have 80gb,120gb,160gb,250gb,320gb,500gb,1tb,2tb,3tb,4tb,6tb,and 8tb internal for the desktop computers.300gb SAS 10k,600gb SAS 10k, 1tb SAS 10k for the servers, the server HDD include for both older and newer generations of Dell server, hp server, and IBM servers.

We also have 500gb,1tb,2tb and 4tb external HDD from transcend, western digital (WD) Samsung and Toshiba

SurveillancHDDdd also available at a good price

you can visit us in our workplace at Rahimtulla trust building, 2nd floor shop 27 along Moi avenue opposite the bazaa

Desktop internal HDD

laptop internal HDD

External HDD

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